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Natural Artemisia products for animals

Not only in human nutrition do dietary supplements enrich the health of the body. Animals also benefit significantly from them. They contain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and secondary plant compounds in highly concentrated form, which would be difficult to absorb in the required quantities through normal food/feed. Supplementary feeds with Artemisia stand out in particular here, scoring more than almost any other product with an excessive number of benefits. For more information, please browse through the following section Animal Feed – Artemisia Products for Animals.


Interesting facts about Artemisia annua

The plant genus Artemisia comprises between 250 – 500 different species worldwide. These include, for example, the noble rue, the staffwort or the wormwood. Another species is Artemisia annua. It refers to the plant of annual mugwort and belongs to the family of composite plants. Its original home is Asia, but it now grows into a bushy shrub even in our latitudes in temperate climates, i.e. in summer. The subspecies described here is considered to be very well researched and has been held in high esteem as a tonic in traditional Chinese folk medicine for 2000 years. Also as a food supplement in animal nutrition, the plant has proven itself many times with its positive properties and one would not want to miss it anymore.

Ingredients of Artemisia

In the leaves of Artemisia annua so far 245 different active substances could be isolated and thus proven. This fact alone qualifies it as an important medicinal plant. The best known active ingredient is the secondary plant substance artemisinin, which is formed in the plant. Furthermore, various anti-inflammatory polyphenols belong to the effective ingredients.

Effect of Artemisia

A large part of the mechanisms of action in the body is still unknown. It can be proven that Artemisia annua with its ingredient artemisinin contains a chemically stable peroxide. If this comes into contact with high concentrations of iron ions (as is the case especially in the cells of erythrocytes), it becomes unstable and forms free radicals by breaking down into two aggressive components. This transformation has the effect of killing unwanted cells or germs such as bacteria, viruses or plasmodia in the environment. In addition, artemisinin and its derivatives (with similar structural unit and oxidation state) are believed to inhibit an adenosine triphosphate-dependent calcium transporter in the cell membrane of harmful cells. These properties predispose the use of the active ingredient artemisinin in some drugs as well.

When administering Artemisia products, care should be taken to give them outside of meals to avoid contact with iron. Otherwise, the peroxide bridge could break down in the stomach or intestines rather than in the vicinity of harmful pathogens, which would negate the desired effect on the body.

Quality characteristics of highly effective Artemisia

Various criteria are crucial for providing an exceptionally high quality dietary supplement for animals. We offer 100% natural Artemisia annua products. Of course in biologically certified quality and from a special cultivation with cultivation in Switzerland. The harvest of the annual mugwort is carefully done by hand. Care is taken to harvest only the content-rich leaf tips and not their stems, so that a maximum of active ingredients is later available in the finished end product. Great importance is also attached to the quality of the subsequent gentle drying and grinding. This is the only way to guarantee that the valuable ingredients are later available in powder or granules in a highly concentrated form. Through regular testing, the effectiveness of the vital substances and the absence of harmful substances are guaranteed at kingnature.

Artemisia- product choice at kingnature

As a dietary supplement you can get Artemisia annua for dogs and cats in granule form as well as in powder capsule form. Choose between Artemisia Mini, Artemisia PET and Artemisia Shot PET. While Artemisia Mini with smaller capsule and half powder portion is specially designed to dosage for small animals, Artemisia PET is more suitable for the large animals. In the case of Artemisia Shot PET, the granules contained allow direct ingestion with easy dosing, as they are available in convenient sticks. Both capsules and granules facilitate the feeding of the animal, because the natural bitter taste of the Artemisia plant does not deter the animal, but is covered by the vegetarian capsule shell or a slightly sweet coating (sucralose) in the granules.

Find now the suitable product for your animal at kingnature.