Healed from Colitis ulcerosa

On 6 November 2014, I published an article titled Colitis ulcerosa naturally treated. This was after I was cured from this terrible disease.


Healing must take place on various levels. In my opinion, curcuma vida is the functional food of choice when it comes to the question of ulcerative colitis. At the same time, I took Moringa Vida (natural multi vitamin). In general, I now tend to eat vegan, so that my acid to base balance is optimal. Minerals also seem to be very important, because man is known to be an electrical being. The electrical currents of the brain (EEG), heart (ECG), muscles (EMG) and skin (EDA) can be measured and are used in various diagnostic and health investigations. If the bioelectricity of humans is disturbed, then diseases are present (Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht, MD).


I am a former competitive athlete, taking part in the 800m run Swiss Junior Championships on several occasions. Today I undertake an endurance run about three times a week. My strength is back, I can again run 50 minutes without any problems, my speed is also good. My work at my university is running smoothly again. All in all, I am able to close the topic of ulcerative colitis successfully.

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