Hordeolum (stye) successfully treated

I treated a hordeolum (stye) on my right eye exclusively with Kingnature products and it disappeared in no time.

Products used for treatment:

Artemisia Cream
Artemisia Vida Capsules
Aronia Vida Capsules


Thursday morning –  onset of inflammation with about half of the eyelid swollen.
Friday morning –  whole eyelid swollen.

Friday at 5 p. m. – consultation with the family doctor, diagnosis “Hordeolum”, eye drops with antibiotics prescribed, 3 drops administered at the doctors practice.

Once at home I read the package insert and threw the drops away. I did not want to use an antibiotic!!

Friday evening after the doctor’s appointment – Artemisia cream rubbed into the eyelid externally as well as inside the eye (severe stinging for a few seconds, but it worked). I continued the treatment with the Artemisia cream until the Monday evening about 3-4 times a day, especially before going to bed.
Saturday  – I also started taking  2 Artemisia Vida capsules and 1 Aronia Vida capsule  four times per day.

I repeated this treatment on Sunday.

Already by Sunday morning, the swelling of the eyelid had decreased by about 30-40%.

On Monday morning the swelling was only about 5-10% and by Tuesday the eyelid was back to normal.

During the treatment with the above mentioned Kingnature products there were never any complications or side effects.

Hordeolum completely cured with Artemisia.

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