Volcanic earth

Clinoptilolite is a collective name for a group of unspecified minerals of the zeolite group. Since they are often found in volcanic areas, they are also called volcanic rocks/volcanic earth. They have a microporous structure with many cavities (large inner surface) in which substances can be adsorbed (adsorption = accumulation or binding of substances from gases or liquids on the surface of a solid body).

Removing pollutants

When Clinoptilolite is taken, harmful substances can be bound via adsorption and excreted in the stool. Clinoptilolite is used for detoxification as a fine powder, it passes through the gastrointestinal tract and binds harmful substances such as heavy metals, intestinal gases, acids, toxins, metabolic waste products, histamine, bacterial or mould toxins, free radicals, cytokines (substances that promote inflammation). The indigestible clinoptilolite loaded with harmful substances is excreted without burdening the metabolism. Clinoptilolite is a natural and effective product for detoxifying the body.

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