Manganese is important for cartilage and bone formation

Manganese is an essential trace element for humans, which has various important functions in the body. It is a component of the earth’s crust, but is never found there in elemental form, i.e. in pure form, but always bound. Plants need manganese to be able to carry out photosynthesis, which is why plant products tend to be rich in manganese compared to animal foods. Foods that are particularly rich in manganese include chokeberries or blueberries, linseed, wheat germ, oat flakes, hazelnuts, legumes, soybeans and green leafy vegetables. In the human body, the trace element has various functions. For example, it is a component of enzymes that control the carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. But the body also needs the substance to build connective tissue, cartilage and bones

Mangan, Knorpel, Knochen
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