Moringa gainst a hangover


I have been taking Moringa, Aronia, red wine extract and turmeric regularly for almost a year and I am constantly pleasantly surprised by the properties of these plant extracts. Recently I read that Moringa possesses a detoxifying property and as I had a big event the night before and as I had a drink or two, I felt awful the next day, feeling sorry for myself. I remined myself about what I had heard about the detoxifying moringa plant, I dispensed of the normal aspirin cure and tried 2 capsules of moringa with orange juice. I repeated this twice more during the day.

Towards the afternoon the headache and the leaden feeling was gone, and I had enough energy for a round of exercise with the bike, which would never cross my mind on a normal hangover day. So instead of a hangover day on the couch, I had a moringa day!

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