Moringa vs. Hangover

Raimund Buhr, 

After watching a show and reading some articles about Moringa, I thought that if this miracle plant really detoxifies – I should try it.

When I had a few too many toasting the opening of my new company, I certainly regretted it the next morning. Once you are over 30, you can’t get away with nights like this as easily as when you were in your 20s. So with the Moringa capsules in the back of my head, I went to the kitchen and swallowed two capsules with some orange juice. I repeated this procedure twice more on this day at intervals of about 2 hours and added a short nap to the mix. In the early evening, I was already feeling fit enough for a sporty lap with my bike, headaches and nausea were gone and also the following days were no longer cumbersome to get started. Since then, Moringa and orange juice have been my hangover remedy of choice. I also use it every morning and evening to keep my body healthy (hangovers aside ;-)).

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