Nail fungus successfully treated


For many years now I have had a nail fungus on three of my toes that did not respond to treatment with fungicides. A few months ago I started using the anti-fungal cream from Kingnature. First I applied the cream to the affected areas on the nails itself, but without success. Then I figured that the fungus would start attacking the nail in the growth area, so I  started to apply the anti-fungal cream to each of the three toes in the nail bed/cuticle area far behind the nail. After a few weeks the new nail that grew out was fungus-free. However, I will continue the treatment until a completely fungus-free nail is completely regrown, which will probably take about a year. I am so happy to have found a product that elimintates nail fungus!

Note from the editors: Foot Protection Cream from kingnature was called Fungus Protection Cream until summer 2017. New name, same product.


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