Neurodermatitis and Molluscum Contagiosum


Our daughter of kindergarten-age suffered from neurodermatitis for about 2 years. We tried various creams, but there was no improvement. The cortisone cream prescribed by the pediatrician made the skin problems disappear, but only for as long as the cream was applied and then the problems would reappear. In addition, there was a huge increase in molluscum since June of this year….

Then in July, I heard about kingnature and Artemisia Cream and  Emu oil. Because the products are produced naturally, we decided to try them. The expert advice had assured us that the warts would disappear within 2 weeks. I was rather sceptical – we had already tried many treatments. But, surprisingly, her red, irritated skin, which was covered in warts, quickly calmed down and now looks wonderfully clear and normal. No more itching. Simply wonderful!

Now I also use the Artemisia cream myself  as a night cream – it clears skin  impurities very quickly. Thank you very much, kingnature!!


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