No more colds and illnesses thanks to Aronia and a clear head thanks to Toxaprevent

Basically, I have suffered with chronic colds every long Swiss winter since my childhood. A runny nose was standard and persistent sinusitis was the monthly, annoying side effect. Last October I took a month-long, intensive Aronia treatment (4 capsules per day) combined with Toxaprevent. The effect was astounding! Since then, I am not remotely  susceptible to illness and I have not used a single handkerchief this winter. I can only  attribute this quantum leap made by my immune system, to Aronia. For at least 3 months now,  I have had increased energy levels like never before. I can recommend Aronia to anyone who would like to build up their immune system.

Toxaprevent has been equally miraculous. I’ve felt under huge mental strain until now.  It’s hard to describe, but it felt like lead was weighing my head down and blocking my natural thoughts. Some days were worse than others, but I had no idea what it was or what was causing it. It had become increasingly bad over the years, but unfortunately I never went to the doctor about it, and just assumed it was normal. Since taking a course of Toxaprevent  (2 capsules per day) I have had no more problems. Toxaprevent removes metals and toxins from the body that shouldn’t be there, leaving your head feeling much clearer and lighter. I am so grateful that I happened to have heard about this from a friend.


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