No more Eczema thanks to Emu Oil

My 5-month-old baby had a reddish eczema on her neck. At first, I tried to treat it with a fatty cream for a few days, but this did not improve matters much. The rash actual became redder especially in the skin fold where my baby was sweating. I then tried Emu Oil that evening and the next day the redness was gone. I was really surprised how fast the cream worked. Since then I now also use emu oil for dry skin on my face. It has a neutral smell and is absorbed quickly.

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    The cream, which is actually gel is very quickly absorbed. I mean almost instantly, which is very nice. It is also quite refreshing. But, the big downside for me was the amount of cream in the tub - if used almost daily refreshing and moisturizing the feet, the amount is not enough to last a month. It is the first time I actually finished the bottle even before the novelty run off.

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