Periostitis – infection of the bone membrane

I go jogging regularly and after a certain amount of time I get periostitis of my shins, (shin splints) regardless of the type of training program or its intensity. About 3 months ago I started taking a capsule of Aronia Vida every day, and after a brief period of time the inflammation subsided and haven’t returned. I also recovered must faster after competitions than before. In the past, after a race, I needed about 1 week to recover before I would be able to train normally again. Now I can train normally after about 2 – 3 days after a race.

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    The cream, which is actually gel is very quickly absorbed. I mean almost instantly, which is very nice. It is also quite refreshing. But, the big downside for me was the amount of cream in the tub - if used almost daily refreshing and moisturizing the feet, the amount is not enough to last a month. It is the first time I actually finished the bottle even before the novelty run off.

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    Aronia helped me a lot!

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