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Warming sports cream with pure herbal additives & aloe vera, without parabens

Hotshot—A natural Sports Cream

What is the effect of Hotshot Sports Cream?

Hotshot Sports Cream warms affected muscles—it stimulates blood circulation and supports regeneration. Once applied, Hotshot Cream will pleasantly warm your skin and give you a soothing feeling which lasts for a couple of hours.

hot shot sports cream naturkosmetik online kaufen schweizWhat ingredients are in the Sports Cream?

We organically grow Habanero-Chili in Switzerland. The chilli pods are carefully dried and ground into powder. After that, we concentrate it with alcohol-extract. This extract will then be mixed with a 99.9% natural Aloe Vera Gel (barbadensis miller) and some Wintergreen oil.

Our Hotshot Sportcream consists of natural herbal ingredients and Aloe Vera. During the processing of production, we never heat the cream; In this way, all of the vital substances will be maintained.

Why we put  chilli peppers in the cream?

Mainly because of the natural component of chilli called Capsaicin, which gives chilli peppers their intensity when ingested or applied topically. More about this active substance:

Chili, cayenne pepper and Capsaicin in the media:

“Cayennepfeffer: Wirksames Schmerzmittel?” (Apotheken Umschau)
“Rückenschmerzen ganz natürlich heilen” (PraxisVITA)

Note: avoid contact with eyes and don’t apply the cream on mucous membranes, since capsaicin is an irritant and produces a strong sensation of burning in any tissue with which it comes into contact. After applying the cream, wash your hands thoroughly; or wearing disposable gloves to apply the cream if available.




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Product information for Hot Shot Sports Cream

Hot shot sports cream with aloe vera gel, Habanero extract and Wintergreen. Contents net 100 ml. Hot Shot Sport Cream availability – in Stock.

Genuine aloe vera is used for the aloe vera gel. It is sometimes also called Aloe barbadensis or Aloe barbadensis miller. But it is the same plant.

The Hot Shot Sport Cream is provided in a practical dispenser (Airless pump). The cream in the dispenser is thus always protected from the air. The dispenser also delivers each dosage cleanly. When opening a new Hot Shot Sport Cream Dispenser, it may require several pumps before the cream is released.

Recommended Application

Apply the cream daily and allow to be absorbed. Please be aware, the Cream burns eyes and all mucous membranes – please do not apply to these areas. After use, clean hands thoroughly or wear (disposable) gloves when applying the cream



Ingredients according to INCI: Aqua (water), Alcohol (wine spirit – antibacterial), Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (Aloe vera gel – soothing to the skin), Glycerine (vegetable moisturizer), Capsicum frutescence fruit extract, gaultheria fragrantantissima leaf oil (winter green), carbomer (gel-forming agent), sodium hydroxide (mineral PH regulator), Citric acid (citric acid – natural PH regulator), magnesium chloride (magnesium from seawater), magnesium nitrates (plasticizer), potassium sorbate (natural preservative), sodium benzoate (bacteriostatic), methyl chloro isothia zolinones (antibacterial), methyl isothia zolinones (preservative).

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Why we put chili peppers in the cream?

Mainly because of the natural component of chili called Capsaicin, which gives chili peppers their intensity when ingested or applied topically. More about this active substance:

Chili, cayenne pepper and Capsaicin in the media: (German)

“Kursbuch Naturheilverfahren – Rückenschmerzen”

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