Relief for neurodermitis


I have suffered with neurodermitis for 25 years. I am already on my second course of cortisone for this year because my eczema has spread, and I have not been able to control it with all the different cortisone ointments I have. Now even a part of my face is affected, and this is very unpleasant especially in public because it was so noticeable. After a short time of completing my cortisone tablets, my skin unfortunately returned to its unpleasant state. I noticed that my dermatologist has now arrived at the end of his rope. So, I used the cortisone ointment again but increased the dosage dramatically, hoping it will work. To add insult to injury, I also suffer from hay fever and sneezing, especially in the morning but this settles down as the day progresses.

A friend recommended Artemisia Cream to me. So, I ordered Aronia Vida, Artemisia Cream and Aronia Hand Cream. I have now been taking 3 capsules of Aronia daily for a few days and use the creams very regularly and I am glad to say my skin is almost healthy again. No more eczema, no more itching, I feel I have a completely new body! It is very obvious that my skin is healing. An added bonus is my hay fever and sneezing has also disappeared. I now feel comfortable in my skin. This is quality of life!

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