super pregnancy and postnatal recovery thanks to kingnature


Because I don’t like synthetic vitamin products, I decided to take only kingnature products throughout my pregnancy. I took 2 Aronia Vida and 2 Moringa Vida capsules each day, so for me the most important vitamins were covered. Immune system was great and I was very healthy and had a lot of energy throughout the whole pregnancy.
Occassionally, I had hormonally induced constipation – in the evening  I would take 1 Kurkuma Vida and 5 Osteo D3 Vida capsules and the next day my digestion would be normal again.
I had a very long labour, which ended with a Caesarian Section. Immediately after surgery I started taking 2 Q10 Vida and 6 Amino Vida daily. I recovered very quickly and only needed minimal pain medication for a short period of time. Amino Vida also helped me cope with the hormonal fluctuations.
After the birth I was prescribed iron tablets, which I did not take because of an intolerance. I took 2 Aronia Vida and 2 Moringa Vida capsules daily and after 6 weeks my iron levels were back to normal.
Thank you kingnature for your support.

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