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Natural clinoptilolite products

Clinoptilolite is a natural powder made of volcanic rock. This has a very good binding capacity and has the ability to absorb toxins such as toxins, histamine or heavy metals in the digestive tract. This primarily serves to detoxify the intestines and relieve the liver. Our clinoptilolite products Toxaprevent Medi Pure and Toxaprevent Medi Plus are a medical product (class IIa) approved throughout Europe made from pure clinoptilolite MANC (modified, activated, natural clinoptilolite).


Clinoptilolite is a natural mineral and is one of the substances contained in products such as Toxaprevent Medi Plus or Toxaprevent Medi Pure. It is used to support physical well-being. In this process clinoptilolite works with adsorption, because it is indigestible. Since the surface is porous, the mineral is said to bind heavy metals found in the human gastrointestinal tract. As it progresses, these toxins are carried away through the intestines. The latter can no longer absorb them.

There are various toxins, for example, various heavy metals, which include aluminum, lead, cadmium and mercury. Toxins include ammonium and allergens include histamine, for example.

What is adsorption?

Adsorption refers to the binding of substances from liquids or gases to surfaces of solid bodies. Absorption refers to the opposite, which is the penetration of liquids or solids. Clinoptilolite has many cavities and thus they have a large surface area. This allows the binding of various substances.

It is virtually a mineral sponge. If products with clinoptilolite are consumed, various substances can be bound in the body. Subsequently, they are excreted. Clinoptilolite has a special crystal lattice structure. They are composed of aluminum and silicon and are characterized by a negative charge. The cavities contain minerals such as iron or calcium, these are positively charged. Ion exchange allows positively charged harmful substances to leave the body and pass into the crystalline lattice of clinoptilolite. In exchange, minerals go out there.

Purge pollutants from the body

Because of these properties, clinoptilolite can help drain harmful substances from the body. The mineral works on the sponge principle and binds toxins, heavy metals, intestinal gases, histamine, metabolic waste products, mold toxins, bacteria, free radicals, cytokines, acids or radioactive components.

Since clinoptilolite is not digestible, it can be excreted with the harmful substances without being a burden on the metabolism. Therefore, it can be helpful to use this substance to support the better body feeling and provide general well-being.

How is the application of the mineral done?

In principle, clinoptilolite is available in the form of powder, which can be in capsules or sticks. Through the oral cavity, it moves into the stomach. In the case of capsules, it is advantageous that there is no taste and they are easier to consume. Clinoptilolite should not be taken with meals. Rather, it is recommended to consume the substance about 30 minutes before.

The daily dose can be divided between morning, noon and evening. Keep this distance from other medical products as well, if you need to take any. The recommended dose of clinoptilolite per day varies from 2,400 to 6,000 milligrams. Intake must be supported by adequate fluids.

What are Toxaprevent Medi Pure and Toxaprevent Medi Plus?

The product Toxaprevent Medi Pure of the manufacturer Froximun contains only clinoptilolite. This is a natural, activated and modified substance, namely special volcanic earth. Toxaprevent Medi Plus contains clinoptilolite or clinoptilolite calcium and magnesium.

Both products can support the large and small intestines. The body does not absorb them. Rather, clinoptilolite passes through the digestive tract and binds various toxins that have already been mentioned. The body’s own osmotic gradient and flow balance together are able to bind these heavy metals.

This is mainly to support and relieve the body, increasing your well-being. Since the two products are of natural origin, they are well tolerated by the body and can also stimulate the improvement of blood levels. Toxaprevent Medi Pure and Plus are approved products in Europe.

The activation process of both agents has been optimized, which increases the binding power. Children may also consume clinoptilolite. The benefits of clinoptilolite are shown by various properties. These include:

    • natural, activated, modified and pure clinoptilolite
    • the body cannot absorb the substance, which travels through the digestive tract
    • Klinoptilolite assists in the removal of harmful substances
    • Both products are approved in Europe
    • the grain size is optimally matched
  • even children are allowed to consume clinoptilolite

The grain size of clinoptilolite-containing products should range from 800 nanometers to three micrometers for safe and sustainable ingestion. This is the case with Toxaprevent Medi Pure and Toxaprevent Medi Plus.

Take a look at the two products and discover other properties of these that can contribute to improved general well-being.