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Open plant powders from Switzerland

For our plant powders we use only high quality raw materials from controlled organic cultivation. The plant leaves are gently harvested, dried and finely ground. The Matcha powder from Aiya in Japan is ground green tea leaves from Japan. Matcha is a traditional drink there, which has been drunk for hundreds of years. The powder is mixed directly with water (no tea infusion), which is why the exciting ingredients are present in higher concentration than in a tea. Moringa powder, made from leaves of the tropical moringa tree, also known as the miracle tree, contains a variety of micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It can be used in many ways; for example, you can mix it into smoothies or desserts.

Open goods & powder

Have you ever heard the term open goods? If not, learn what it is and which products are related to it in the guide. You can also read about the advantages of matcha powder and moringa leaf powder.

What is actually open ware & powder?

Open goods are products that are sold in pharmacies, for example. However, not as mostly packaged goods, but as loose stock containers. These are then filled for customers as required. These can be, for example, open powders such as moringa powder or matcha powder.

They may be powders, teas, chemicals such as citric acid, ethanol, gasoline, and the like, as well as ointments or creams and soaps. Tinctures and tablets are also offered as open goods.

Those who wish to buy powders determine the quantity or volume themselves. Subsequently, the products are measured, filled into a container and charged on the basis of quantity.

High quality matcha powder from ground leaves

Matcha powder is ground from Japanese green tea leaves. This produces an aromatic and stimulating drink that has been prepared and consumed for many centuries. Matcha powder is slightly thicker than conventional green tea. This is due to the fact that the powder is mixed directly with water. Therefore, matcha is not a tea infusion as you normally know it. Rather, it is an extract of fresh tea leaves. Consequently, the ingredients are much more concentrated. The organic matcha powder is available in high quality.

Matcha powder in excellent Japanese quality

The organic matcha powder comes from the Japanese city of Aiya. It is a rare product based on a very high quality cultivation. The further processing also requires a high level of commitment. The cultivation is done in absolute organic quality. About a month before the plants are harvested, nets are placed over them. This ensures that the sunlight hardly hits them.

This ensures that the ingredients of the plants are even more concentrated, such as theanine or chlorophyll. In addition, the intensity of the green color can also be increased in this way. After the plants have been harvested, they are steamed for a short period. This stops the fermentation. This step is called tencha. Then, the leaf veins and stems are eliminated so that only the leaf flesh remains.

This is gently and carefully ground using traditional granite stone mills. Since the mills grind very slowly, there is no frictional heat. Therefore, this matcha powder is a product that can rightfully count itself among the best.

What distinguishes Japanese matcha powder from other green teas?

Approximately one percent of tea growers from Japan cultivate green tea of the quality of matcha. Therefore, there is only about 0.05 percent of tea in this quality in the whole world. It is therefore an extremely rare type of tea. Due to the special processing and the unique ingredients, Matcha is also one of the superfoods. This is also ensured by the gentle and slow processing, which preserves the ingredients. Therefore, this matcha powder is of higher quality than normal green tea.

Genuine Matcha powder can be recognized by a special coating test. Only original powder shows a soft and straight line when you stroke it with your finger. Conventional powder, which is industrially produced, only produces an interrupted, rather harder line. The color is gray, yellow or brown. Original matcha powder, on the other hand, presents a deep green hue. In addition, genuine matcha powder has an intense aroma. It also tastes pleasantly smooth and is not bitter.

What are the advantages of this matcha powder?

The original Matcha powder comes from the Japanese city of Aiya and is produced in the traditional way. This results in a product of absolutely high quality, which comes from organic cultivation. The harvested plants are gently and slowly ground with stone mills. The finished powder can be consumed as tea or as a substitute for coffee. In addition, it enriches desserts or smoothies.

Moringa powder – also in high organic quality

The Moringa tree grows in the tropics and is called a miracle tree. The reason is that almost all parts on it are edible, for example, the leaves, flowers, bark, fruit and root. The leaves contain numerous micronutrients, such as almost all vitamins or trace elements. Therefore, the moringa powder is considered a kind of multivitamin.

As soon as you consume Moringa powder, you will notice the taste quality, which is only possible with organic products.

More details about Moringa powder

The Moringa oleifera plant thrives in tropical areas. The harvest is done manually, which is an additional indication of the high quality. Subsequently, the leaves are transported to shaded areas that allow them to dry gently. It is important that the moisture content of the dried leaves is less than six percent before they are ground and prepared for shipment.

You should definitely make sure that you buy the best quality Moringa powder like this one. This is because there are products that contain too much moisture. Recently, it was even heard that certain powders contained salmonella. Of course, this should not be the case. This Moringa leaf powder is permanently controlled so that no germs, fungi, bacteria or salmonella are contained here.

What are the advantages of Moringa leaf powder?

This Moringa powder comes from organic cultivation and is processed particularly gently. Strict quality controls enable the high quality of the powder.

Discover Matcha or Moringa powder now. Find out about all the benefits of both products and choose which one is best for you. Possibly even both.