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Swiss Made

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Vitality Shot

CHF 44.80


CHF 44.80

Vitality Shot

CHF 44.80 (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
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30 sticks for direct intake. With vitamins, minerals and trace elements to supplement daily needs. Supports the body in its daily functions. Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), B6, biotin (B7/B8), folic acid (B9), B12, C, D3 and E and minerals calcium, chromium, iron, iodine, copper, manganese, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium and zinc with the aim of high bioavailability (through lecithin from sunflower). Additional ingredients: maca powder, cocoa extract and licorice root extract. Naturally sweetened with xylitol, which occurs naturally in birch. Net content 90 g.


Zinc is effective!

Vitamin E is effective!

Vitamin D is effective!

Vitamin C is effective!

Vitamin B6 is effective!

Vitamin B12 is effective!

Vitamin A is effective!

Thiamine is effective!

Selenium is effective!

Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 is effective!

Niacin is effective!

Iodine is effective!

Magnesium is effective!

Manganese is effective!

Iron is effective!

Folate is effective!

Biotin is effective!

Calcium is effective!

Full vitality ahead! To stay lively, lively and healthy - in other words, vital! - the body needs a variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements every day. A shaken mass of them are in the Vitality-Shot.

Natural multivitamin preparation – Vitality Shot

Are you looking for a multivitamin preparation that is as close to nature as possible? Then you are well served with Vitality Shot. Our Vitality Shot contains vital substances (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) that can provide your body with daily supplementary support for its functions. You want to supply yourself with important vital substances in addition to a balanced diet? Then you get with the Vitality Shot a high-quality and inexpensive natural multivitamin preparation.

Functions of Vitality Shot

Vitamins in Vitality Shot

Vitality Shot contains all vitamins except vitamin K, which has an influence on blood clotting and is rapidly degraded in the presence of certain minerals.

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are essential organic micronutrients. Our body cannot produce them on its own and must obtain them from our daily diet (vitamin D is an exception, as the body can produce it when the skin is exposed to sufficient sunlight). The body needs the various vitamins, among other things, as co-factors for enzymes, as hormones or as antioxidants for the various bodily functions. A distinction is made between fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. Vitamins A, D, E and K belong to the fat-soluble ones and can be absorbed by the body preferably together with some fat. The fat-soluble vitamins, unlike the water-soluble ones (vitamin C and B complex), can be stored by the body. Water-soluble vitamins can hardly be stored. They are excreted through the kidneys relatively quickly after ingestion.

Minerals and trace elements in Vitality Shot

The Vitality Shot contains all minerals and trace elements with fixed physiological daily amounts, with the exception of boron and silicon.

What are minerals and trace elements?

Minerals are vital inorganic nutrients. They must also be supplied through the diet. The body needs minerals for a wide variety of functions. They are dissolved in liquids or foodstuffs or contained as traces. Minerals are divided according to two dimensions; on the one hand into bulk elements, which are represented with a higher concentration in the body, and on the other hand into trace elements, for which the required concentration in the body is smaller.

Other exciting ingredients

Maca Powder (Peru Ginseng)

The Maca plant grows in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes, which is why it is also called Peru Ginseng. In its homeland, the Maca root is a typical and frequently used food ingredient.


Cocoa beans are harvested from the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao) and contain, among other things, abundant secondary plant compounds. They are a traditional and widely valued food ingredient of the indigenous peoples of Central America.

Natural sweeteners

Since certain ingredients of Vitality Shots have a very bitter taste, we add licorice root extract and xylitol, which on the one hand have a pronounced sweetening power (licorice root tastes 50x sweeter than sugar), but unlike granulated sugar and other types of sugar, have tooth-saving properties. For example, the bacteria that trigger tooth decay cannot feed on xylitol. Xylitol occurs naturally in birch trees. In addition, it contains minimal traces of sucralose.

Tip: If you still have trouble with the taste of the Vitality Shot, you can dissolve it in a glass of water. This changes the taste very positively, it becomes milder and sweeter. Do not take on an empty stomach.


Lecithins are an important component of human, animal and plant cell membranes. They can be used as natural emulsifiers (allow fat and water to mix) and through these properties can contribute to improved bioavailability of even physiologically active substances.

Why should I buy the Vitality Shot?

The Vitality Shot is suitable for people for whom it is important to achieve a daily supplementary supply of important vital substances to maintain the body in its functions optimally. Thanks to the practical sticks, taking the vital substances is very easy and also possible on the go. 2 sticks are of course within the specified upper limits. So you get the highest possible dosage of the valuable physiologically active substances on a safe basis. However, a balanced diet is essential as a basis.

What are the advantages of Vitality Shots?

  • Contains important vitamins and minerals in the recommended maximum daily dose (2 sticks)
  • With Maca and cocoa
  • Good bioavailability (due to lecithin from sunflower)
  • Easy to take with sticks (also for on the go)
  • Also suitable for children (half dose)
  • Naturally sweetened with licorice root and xylitol
  • Buy the Vitality Shot now!

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Buy the Vitality Shot now – Natural multivitamin preparation

You will receive a natural multivitamin preparation with high-quality, coordinated ingredients. Scientifically tested vital substances from kingnature!

Product Info Vitality Shot

Vitality Shot contains 30 sticks with 3 g each of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as well as maca, cacao and licorice root. For direct ingestion. With mango and raspberry flavor. Net content 90 g. The Vitality Shot is available from stock.

Consumption recommendation

Adults daily 2 sticks, children 1 stick. Suitable for direct intake. Alternatively dissolve in water or sports drink.

Nutritional information Vitality Shot

Nutrients for 2 sticks

Vitamin A1360 µg170%*
Vitamin B16,6 mg600%*
Vitamin B28,4 mg600 %*
Niacin (B3)96 mg600 %*
Pantothenic Acid (B5)36 mg600 %*
Vitamin B68,4 mg600 %*
Biotin (B7/B8)450 µg900 %*
Folic Acid (B9)750 µg375 %*
Vitamin B1250 µg2000 %*
Vitamin C300 mg375 %*
Vitamin D70µg1400%*
Vitamin E36 mg300%*
Calcium120 mg15 %*
Chromium75 µg188 %*
Iron21 mg150 %*
Iodine200 µg133 %*
Copper1,6 mg160 %*
Manganese3 mg150 %*
Magnesium375 mg100 %*
Molybdenum200 µg400 %*
Selenium100 µg182 %*
Zinc5,3 mg53 %*

* NRV = % of the nutrient reference values

Not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet, fresh fruits and vegetables and a healthy lifestyle. Keep cool, dry and out of reach of small children. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Minimal traces of sucralose

The Vitality Shot contains minimal traces of sucralose. This is so little that side effects are excluded and the product can also be taken by diabetics and people with intestinal problems without hesitation.

Vitality Shot Fact Sheet

You can find all product information in the Vitality Shot data sheet.

Buy Vitality Shot now!

Buy Vitality Shot now! You will receive a natural multivitamin preparation with high-quality, coordinated ingredients. Scientifically tested vital substances from kingnature!

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