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What is frankincense good for?

Many people may only be familiar with incense from the church. There, the resin is smoked and has a very spiritual meaning. However, apart from incense, frankincense can also be used in other ways. This article looks at what frankincense is good for and how it can be used for health purposes.

Frankincense in medicine: an overview

The first evidence of frankincense dates back over 3,000 years. Even the ancient Egyptians knew how to use the medicinal plant skilfully. In addition to a pleasant odour in the air, frankincense has numerous other positive effects. The resin therefore does not originate from a religious context.

While incense is smoked in spiritual areas to drive away evil spirits, there are also other good reasons why smoking is worthwhile. The smoke has a disinfectant and germicidal effect. It is also said to have calming effects.

Frankincense, also known as Boswellia in medicine, also has a reputation for having an anti-inflammatory effect. It is therefore often used in various areas:

– chronic inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s disease, osteoarthritis, psoriasis and multiple sclerosis

– Skin irritations and blemishes

– intestinal complaints

– Problems with the respiratory tract

Frankincense is therefore considered a natural anti-inflammatory and is used in various areas. The resin of the frankincense tree can be used both in the form of tablets and as a cream. Frankincense essential oil is also very popular.

What are frankincense capsules good for?

Frankincense is available as a dietary supplement for ingestion. Frankincense capsules therefore work from the inside out. They are particularly popular for strengthening bones and cartilage. They are also said to support the formation of connective tissue.

However, frankincense tablets are also suitable for the stomach and intestines. Boswellia is often recommended for inflammatory bowel diseases in particular. This is because capsules not only counteract inflammation, but can also soothe and relieve pain. There are also preparations containing frankincense for pets such as dogs and cats, which can have a positive effect on digestion.

Capsules and tablets contain an extract obtained from the resin of the frankincense tree. This contains so-called boswellic acids. These are the ingredients of frankincense that are said to have such a strong effect.

The dose varies depending on the manufacturer. This is because not every preparation contains the same amount of frankincense extract. Usually two to four capsules are taken daily. You should always follow the recommended dos age on the respective product.

As boswellic acids are fat-soluble, it is advisable to take them with food or shortly afterwards. This increases bioavailability. This means that the body can absorb and process the ingredients more easily and quickly. It also prevents potential side effects such as stomach pain.

In order for frankincense in capsule form to have the desired effect, the dietary supplement should be taken regularly. Of course, it varies from person to person, but for the most part an initial effect can be seen after around four weeks.

Another area of application for frankincense capsules is the respiratory tract. Bronchitis and even asthma can be treated with boswellia. This is because these complaints are also caused by inflammation.

What is frankincense balm good for?

Frankincense is not only suitable for internal use. Frankincense can also be used externally in the form of creams and balms. A frankincense cream can be particularly useful for skin diseases or problems.

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease that belongs to the group of autoimmune diseases. It is therefore considered incurable from a conventional medical point of view. The symptoms can only be alleviated.

This is where frankincense creams come into play. Here too, regular use is advisable in order to achieve a positive effect. A study has shown that even psoriasis can be brought under control. After regular use, the test subjects had significantly fewer symptoms of the skin disease than before.

A cream with frankincense extract is therefore also suitable for less severe skin complaints. It can be used to treat skin blemishes and rashes.

What is frankincense essential oil good for?

Frankincense is also available in the form of essential oil. It has a pleasant resinous-sweet fragrance and is extracted directly from the resin. But what can it be used for?

The main area of application for frankincense essential oil is also the skin. This is where it unfolds its cleansing and calming effect. It has a balancing effect, which is why it is mainly used for irritated skin. Frankincense essential oil is also frequently contained in scar oils.

However, the oil also has a certain significance in aromatherapy. Frankincense is said to have a positive effect on the psyche. More precisely, it has a calming and clarifying effect.

Find high-quality products with frankincense: How it works

The question of what frankincense is good for has now been answered. However, the next step is to find out how to obtain high-quality products containing the active ingredient. To this end, you should actually take a closer look at the different types of frankincense. Because not all frankincense is the same. A distinction is made between the following types:

Boswellia serrata

– Boswellia carterii

– Boswellia papyrifera

– Boswellia sacra

Boswellia serrata is the only type of frankincense that has been included in the German Pharmacopoeia and is considered a pharmacologically active agent. A dietary supplement should therefore definitely contain this active ingredient. Boswellia serrata is also recommended as an ingredient in creams.

Furthermore, products should be of natural origin and not contain any synthetic ingredients. The bioavailability must also be right. After all, the body should react as quickly and positively as possible to ingestion or external application. Kingnature offers high-quality products made from selected ingredients. So you can be sure of what you are putting into your body.

Incidentally, frankincense is often recommended in combination with other active ingredients. Turmeric, for example, has a similar effect, but acts at different points in inflammatory processes. Boswellia and turmeric therefore complement each other perfectly. Furthermore, taking them together with vitamin C and manganese is also suitable, as the nutrients are considered good for joints and cartilage. Many preparations therefore combine different ingredients to provide a wider spectrum of effects.


Frankincense is a natural anti-inflammatory. This is why dietary supplements and creams are proving so popular. The products have a wide range of applications. In short: Boswellia can provide relief for all complaints involving inflammation. It is important to take high-quality preparations with frankincense that have a high bioavailability.