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Swiss Made

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Amino Vida

CHF 49.80


CHF 49.80

Amino Vida

CHF 49.80 (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
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Amino acid complex with all 8 essential amino acids plus L-Arginine. 240 tablets with 500 mg amino acids each. Net content 120 g.

Amino Vida contains nine high-purity, free and crystalline amino acids from pulses of natural origin, is vegan and free of any additives. It provides an optimal amino acid pattern, has almost no calories and is available to the body after a short time.

Commitment to clean sport: Amino Vida is regularly tested for selected doping substances and can therefore also be safely taken by top athletes.

Get a move on! Essential amino acids support you during sporting or other physical challenges. They come from pulses, are quickly absorbed in the intestines and are quickly available to you.

Amino Vida – vegan amino acid complex with nine amino acids

Amino Vida contains nine free crystalline amino acids in a perfect combination. The amino acids of highest purity are obtained naturally from pulses, are vegan and additive-free. Amino Vida provides the human body with an optimal amino acid combination and is almost calorie free. It is bio-available to the body shortly after ingestions. Amino Vida is an ideal amino acid nutrition for athletes and people who would like to supplement their bodies essential amino acid supply.

Amino Vida contains all eight essential amino acids as well as the semi-essential amino acid arginine. Essential means, that the amino acids are vital to our well-being and cannot be produced by the body itself. L-arginine is deemed semi-essential as it can be synthesised by the human body. In certain circumstances (e.g., age, growth phases, diseases, or physical activity), L-arginine can also become essential to the body.

High protein content

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Amino Vida has a high protein content. Proteins contribute to the maintenance and increase of muscle mass.

Ideal for people with increased requirements

Amino Vida is ideal for people with increased requirements, for example:

  • Athletes or those with heavy physical demands
  • Vegetarians or vegans
  • Special dietary nutrition programs
  • For increased absorption of essential amino acids

Amino Vida reduces the sensation of pain by 18.4%

A recent study shows: Amino Vida reduces the pain perception of people with chronic musculoskeletal pain by 18.4%. Further information in the tab “Studies and articles”.

Properties of Amino Vida – EAA

  • Amino Vida provides an optimal ratio of all eight essential amino acids for the human nutritional system. (L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Lysine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Methionine, L-Tryptophan).
  • Amino Vida also contains the semi-essential amino acid L-Arginine. It is deemed semi-essential because L-arginine can be synthesised by the human body. Under certain circumstances (e.g. depending on age, growth phases, diseases or physical activity) this semi-essential amino acid can also become essential for the body.
  • Amino Vida contains the protein building blocks (amino acids) in hydrolysed form. This means small, short individual building blocks are available instead of long protein fragments. In this way they are better absorbed and utilised more efficiently than the long protein chains.
  • Due to its hydrolysed form, Amino Vida is an ideal protein supplier for people with kidney and liver problems.
  • Amino Vida is almost calorie-free (only 0.5 kcal in 10 pellets).
  • 99% of Amino Vida is utilised in the body to build muscles.
  • Amino Vida only produces 1% nitrogen waste. This is a very low value when compared to other protein sources.

Amino acids and proteins

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They are assembled in the body to form long protein or protein chains. These are amongst the most important components of the human body and control a large number of essential processes. The best possible renewal of cells, muscles, bones and organs, i.e. the life of the body, depends on an adequate supply of proteins and their building blocks, the amino acids.

Protein supplement especially also for vegans and vegetarians

For people with vegan or vegetarian lifestyles, it is not always easy to intake the daily proteins needed by the body with their meals. Animal products are a valued source of protein that is lost. Legumes are a good vegan alternative. However, a lot of discipline is needed to reach the recommended daily protein dose. Especially vegan athletes know this problem. The daily protein requirement is twice as high for people who do sports every day and for top athletes as for normal people. Amino Vida is a suitable protein supplier to compensate for protein deficiencies.

New formula Amino Vida from June 2018!

We only use hydrolysed amino acids in Amino Vida. Without adhesives. Without additives. Without auxiliary substances. This had the disadvantage that the tablets do not stay whole for long when exposed to air. We have invested a lot in our product development to improve the formula to improve stability successfully. We achieved this without adding any additives, yet maintaining the same price as before.

Absorption of body whey compared to pure hydrolysed amino acids from legumes in an amino pattern – NNU study intake proteins – Research of the International Nutrition Research Center (INRC) (USA)

Amino Vida is also part of the following product bundles:

Buy Amino Vida online now!

Buy Amino Vida online now! You will receive a product with high-quality raw materials and an optimized recipe, which is gently processed and controlled in Switzerland. Scientifically tested vital substances from kingnature!

Product Information

Amino Vida contains 240 tablets with 500 mg amino acids each. Net content 120 g. Dietary food. Without pressing agent. Without sweetener. Without fillers. Amino Vida are pure amino acids without any additives. Availability – in stock.

1 tablet contains the following amino acids:

  • 92 mg L-leucine
  • 82 mg L-valine
  • 69 mg L-isoleucine
  • 69 mg L-lysine
  • 63 mg L-phenylalanine
  • 56 mg L-threonine
  • 35 mg L-methionine
  • 22 mg L-arginine
  • 15 mg L-tryptophan

Safe for athletes

Safe for athletes (commitment to clean sport: Amino Vida is regularly tested for selected doping substances).

Our product Amino Vida is regularly tested for selected doping substances.

Recommended dosage

Take 6-10 tablets daily preferably 30 minutes before physical exertion.

Made in Switzerland

Amino Vida is Swiss Made!

for 10 Tablets
Energy0.5 kcal / 2 kJ
Fat0 g
Carbohydrates0 g
Dietary fibre0 g
Protein5 g
Salt0 g

Nutritional supplements are no substitute for a varied, balanced diet, fresh fruit and vegetables and a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended intake.


Datasheet of Amino Vida

You can find all product information in the Datasheet Amino Vida.

Buy amino acids online now!

Buy now with Amino Vida Amino Acids online! You get a product with high quality raw materials and an optimized formula, gently processed and controlled in Switzerland. Scientifically tested vital substances from kingnature!

eKomi Reviews: Reviews with

Amino Vida reduces subjective pain perception by 18.4% in only 8 weeks

40 volunteers with chronic musculoskeletal pain aged between 40 and 65 years received 16 Amino Vida tablets (8 g) or a placebo daily for 8 weeks. The study was randomized (the subjects were randomly divided into two groups, one receiving amino vida, the other a placebo) and double-blind (neither the subjects nor the researchers knew who belonged to which group).

Before and after the study, the subjects were asked about their subjective pain sensation using a questionnaire. While in the placebo group, pain sensation increased on a pain scale of 0 to 10 by 10.75% on average, pain sensation in the Amino Vida group decreased by 18.4% on average.

Source: Herbst, Rabea (2020): Der Einfluss von Aminosäuren auf die Schmerzsymptomatik und das allgemeine Wohlbefinden. In: Meilensteine der Gesundheitsmedizin, Schriftenreihe der FHM, Bielefeld (Heft 12, S. 45-59), Link.

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