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Natural selenium products from Switzerland

Selenium not only helps maintain normal hair and nails, but also helps maintain normal immune system function and protect cells from oxidative stress. Furthermore, it contributes to normal thyroid function.


Selenium is considered an essential trace element and must be supplied to the body at regular intervals. Even if the amounts must be very small, because the body can not produce and provide the trace element itself.

Especially for vegetarians as well as vegans and risk groups it is important that they think about their selenium supply. Because in many cases they do not have enough selenium available because they do not eat a so-called mixed diet. People who have a pre-existing condition or other health burdens also need to ensure that their selenium balance is in order.

What is the function of selenium in the body?

Our body is made up of enzymes that perform different functions. And selenium is a component in some of these enzymes. For example, selenium has an antioxidant effect. The trace element protects cell membranes and is responsible for preventing them from being attacked by free radicals. Therefore, selenium is considered a very important trace element.

Furthermore, DNA synthesis is positively influenced by selenium. This includes cell division but also cell growth. Selenium is also an important trace element for thyroid metabolism. If the selenium balance is right, the thyroid gland can also function properly and be available as a booster for our defenses.

Last but not least, selenium has an immunostimulating effect. The trace element also helps flush out heavy metals that can accumulate in the body. In addition, the trace element is believed to have a certain protective effect, which is very beneficial for the liver.

Where is selenium in everything?

Selenium can be taken through food but also in the form of dietary supplements. Especially vegetarians, vegans but also pre-stressed and pre-diseased people should think about the supplements.

Selenium is found in higher concentrations in eggs, seafood and meat. Furthermore, some animal feed is additionally enriched with selenium so that this selenium is then passed on to the meat. However, it must always be taken into account that the selenium content in meat can vary greatly. If the animal has received selenium through the diet, the content in the meat is correspondingly higher than in animals that have not received this additional supplementation through the diet.

Since it is usually not possible to find out whether the meat is fortified with selenium or not through the sale of the meat, attention must be paid here to mixed diets in order to avoid a deficiency as far as possible.

What happens when there is a deficiency of selenium?

If the body lacks selenium, the thyroid gland, for example, no longer functions properly, which can lead to overweight but also underweight, loss of appetite, fatigue and similar symptoms.

What is the daily selenium requirement?

For adolescents and adults older than 19 years, the selenium intake is 60 to 70 micrograms per day. Pregnant women should consume 60 micrograms and breastfeeding women 75 micrograms per day of selenium.

How do dietary supplements work?

Dietary supplements containing selenium have the advantage that they can be brought to use in the correct dosage. It is relatively easy to take these tablets or even powders, mix them with food or consume them before meals.

There is sufficient information in the package insert describing the exact dosage. In addition, indications are given as to when it makes sense to take selenium via dietary supplementation.

We recommend that you simply look at the products in the online store at your leisure and then decide whether selenium is a good supplement or whether perhaps other trace elements, minerals and vitamins in combination with selenium are a good choice. We have a wide variety of products available, so that the choice is large and the right product is available for everyone.