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Swiss products with natural krill oil and omega-3 fatty acids

Krill oil is extracted from Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba). The krill is fished sustainably and gently under strict control of CAMLR and processed immediately after the catch and as gently as possible directly on the ship to preserve the ingredients unchanged. Krill oil contains remarkable amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Furthermore, krill oil contains choline, which contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism, normal fat metabolism and normal liver function.

High quality krill oil

As a specialist for dietary supplements, you will of course also find high-quality krill oil in our store, such as it is contained in our product “Krill Vida”. Of course, we use krill from sustainable catches. Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be produced by the human body itself. Especially for people who do not like to eat fish and therefore suffer from omega-3 deficiency, a preparation with krill oil is very well suited to supplement the daily diet. Our Krill Vida capsules are ideal for this purpose. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that dietary supplements should never be a substitute for a good, balanced diet. This should also include fatty sea fish such as salmon, mackerel or tuna, because these also have high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids as ingredients. This fish should be consumed at least once a week, as omega-3 fatty acids are essential in the processes in the body.

What is krill oil?

Krill oil is an animal oil produced from Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba). Krill are zooplankton (microorganisms), in this case shrimp-like invertebrates. These live in huge swarms in the Southern Ocean. There can be 10,000 to 30,000 of these tiny invertebrate shrimps per cubic meter of seawater. Krill oil contains a very high amount of omega-3 fatty acids and is therefore considered very healthy. Krill oil consists of over 45% of these omega-3 fatty acids. Since krill oil is relatively difficult to dose and take as a liquid, the oil’s dosage form usually consists of capsules filled with oil.

Krill oil compared to fish oil

The fatty acids from krill are present in so-called phospholipids, while the fatty acids in fish consist of triglycerides. Both are healthy and easily absorbed fatty acid forms for the body. Nevertheless, phospholipids from krill oil are more bioavailable than triglycerides. It can be absorbed by the body up to six times better than omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. It no longer needs to be converted in the body and can thus be stored directly in the body’s cells. Therefore, low-dose krill oil capsules have the same effect as high-dose fatty acids from fish oil. In addition, the antioxidants contained in krill ensure that krill oil has a much longer shelf life than comparable fish oil.

What is krill oil good for?

Many experts agree that the unsaturated fatty acids contained in crustaceans can be responsible for many health-promoting effects. Due to the very high content of healthy omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), krill oil contributes to normal heart function in the body. So products with krill oil, like our Krill Vida, are good for your heart. Furthermore, EPA and DHA contribute to normal eye and brain function. Krill oil is therefore a true multi-talent in food supplementation. As a special property compared to “normal” fish oil capsules, an antioxidant effect of the astaxanthin contained in krill oil capsules is often emphasized. Astaxanthin is the natural red pigment of krill. Krill oil capsules are said to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels due to their high content of omega-3 fatty acids. Krill oil capsules, like fish oil capsules, are often advertised as maintaining normal blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels, as well as normal blood pressure. Due to the carotenoids it contains, krill oil is also said to have an anti-aging effect. Furthermore, the animal oil is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect. This has a particularly positive effect on as yet undiscovered inflammations, which can promote diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or rheumatism. Krill oil can therefore have a preventive effect.

Who should avoid krill oil?

People who are allergic to crustaceans and crustacean products should not take krill oil capsules under any circumstances. Furthermore, krill oil has a minimal blood-thinning effect. A simultaneous intake of blood-thinning medication, for example in case of disturbed blood clotting, should therefore be coordinated with a doctor.