Origin of the ingredients

Origin – Raw Material
Origin – Capsule
Amino VidaUSA / SwitzerlandSwitzerland
Aronia Hand CreamSwitzerland – ThurgauSwitzerland
Aronia Chocolate
Switzerland, Cocao AfricaSwitzerland
Aronia Shot (Sticks)Switzerland – ThurgauGermany/Switzerland
Aronia VidaSwitzerland – ThurgauBelgiumSwitzerland
Artemisia CreamSwitzerland – FribourgSwitzerland
Artemisia MiniSwitzerland – FribourgBelgiumSwitzerland
Artemisia VidaSwitzerland – FribourgBelgiumSwitzerland
Caye VidaSwitzerland – FribourgBelgiumSwitzerland
Coffea VidaSwitzerland / FranceBelgiumSwitzerland
Emu OilAustraliaSwitzerland
Feet Protection CreamSwitzerlandSwitzerland
Hot Shot Sports Cream
Switzerland – FribourgSwitzerland
Kurkuma VidaIndia / SwitzerlandBelgiumSwitzerland
Krill VidaAntarcticNetherlandsNetherlands Switzerland
Magnesium VidaEuropaBelgiumSwitzerland
Moringa PowderIndia / BeninSwitzerland
Moringa VidaIndia / BeninBelgiumSwitzerland
Morus Vida (Mulberry Leaves)LaosBelgiumSwitzerland
MSM VidaGermanyBelgiumSwitzerland
Mysterio Vida (previously CBD 10 Vida)SwitzerlandBelgiumSwitzerland
NADH VidaSwitzerlandAustria
Omega-3 VidaNorwaySwitzerland
OPC 24 Day CreamSwitzerland / EuropeSwitzerland
OPC 24 Night CreamSwitzerland / EuropeSwitzerland
Osto D3 VidaSwitzerland/GermanyBelgiumSwitzerland
Pollen VidaSwedenBelgiumSwitzerland
Probiotic VidaGermanyGermany
Q10 VidaGermany/JapanGermanySwitzerland
Salvestrol Vida 2000EnglandEngland
Salvestrol Vida 350EnglandEngland
Vino VidaItalyBelgiumSwitzerland
Vitamin D3 VidaGermany/South-East AsiaSwitzerland
Vitamin K2 VidaItalyBelgiumSwitzerland
New Feedbacks
  • Pilz Schutzcreme kaufenFeet Protection Cream
    Rated 4 out of 5
    by Oksana

    The cream, which is actually gel is very quickly absorbed. I mean almost instantly, which is very nice. It is also quite refreshing. But, the big downside for me was the amount of cream in the tub - if used almost daily refreshing and moisturizing the feet, the amount is not enough to last a month. It is the first time I actually finished the bottle even before the novelty run off.

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  • Aronia, Antioxidant, bestellen, natur, Schweiz, SwitzerlandAronia Vida
    Rated 5 out of 5
    by kingnature

    Aronia helped me a lot!

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